Hello Washington, DC!

Hello and welcome to DC Sucks! Some great improvements have been made in recent years to Washington, DC, however, whether you hate DC or love DC, we can all agree that this is far from a perfect city. DC Sucks is a new project/experiment that will use social media, and guerrilla marketing to create awareness and discussion about our current frustrations with DC. We are hoping that some of these discussions will bring about change that we can all be proud of. Our goal is that future uses of our “DC Sucks” brand will be taken as tongue-in-cheek. We have a long way to go — with your help we can get there.

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    • robbie says:

      If I can help in any way to expedite the launching of the new site…Im dedicated. Us miserable DC residents can’t wait much longer.

    • daniel says:

      Dc is terrible, everyone is very judgemental. People need to relax and enjoy life a little more. Food is terrible and traffic doesnt make sense.

    • Stupid feds says:

      Cut all federal salaries by 35% TODAY!

      Let the overpaid FEDS partying it up every night in Washington CD’s Dupont Circle FEEL what the REST of America is feeling!!

    • jason says:

      the thing i find about beautiful Washington, DC is that everyone has a gripe about the city and its people. ‘self-absorbed’, ‘cold’, ‘unfriendly’, etc. are adjectives often used. yet all those people that utter these complaints…are no different.
      it takes a lot of character to break out of a mold and be your own man, instead of succumbing to all you hate in a city. yet, that latter is where most have found a place. the gays in DC are especially hypocritical.

    • George Trestler says:

      I moved away from that disgusting city because it SUCKS!!!

    • George Trestler says:

      The traffic is the way it is because NO ONE in DC enforces the traffic rulz.

      The DC govt. is employed by a bunch of morons who can’t read or write and do nothing more than await their “gubment” check.

      The people in DC are snobbish, garrish, and boring….

      DC placates the poor and downtrodden at the expense of everyone else.

      Police are rude, break their own rulz, pick fights with the common citizen (i’ve seen this first-hand)…

      what else can i say???? ….. mmmmm I’ll think of the other crap…